“What physics was to the 20th century, biology will be to the 21st.”

- The Economist

“There is this natural technology out there in the wild that is so capable of manufacturing stuff that it coats the surface of the Earth. It takes atoms from the atmosphere and light from the environment and self-assembles huge structures with atomic precision.”

- Prof. Drew Endy, Stanford University - Discover Magazine

“Life — the biological world — is the greatest chemist, and evolution is her design process.”

- Prof. Frances Arnold, Caltech and Nobel Laureate - Forbes Magazine

“It is now routine to genetically reprogram microbes to make plastics, biofuels, vaccines and antibiotics.”

- Prof. George Church, Harvard University and Ed Regis - Wall Street Journal

“Bioengineering and Synthetic Biology offer the opportunity to reimagine how we use and re-use materials. The revolution of biotechnology can fundementally disrupt almost every industry.”

- Eddie O'Brien, CEO Bondi Bio