About Bondi Bio

Bondi is a Sydney-based solar bioengineering company focused on producing traditionally plant-derived Natural Products from light, water and carbon dioxide.

Our target-agnostic platform combines the elegant evolutionary solutions of plants with the latest advances in biotechnology to design robust, reliable and sustainable cyanobacteria able to produce targeted compounds for a broad range of markets.

Our photosynthetic organisms are sustainable and beneficial to the environment. They fix carbon, do not require arable land and can be engineered to grow in sea, waste or polluted water sources.

They also offer a means to biomanufacture rare/complex Natural Products where existing chemical or biological solutions are inefficient or prohibitively expensive.

What are Bondi’s Natural Product markets?

Why use solar biomanufacturing?

What are Bondi's bioremediation solutions?

Leadership Team at Bondi

Eddie O’Brien


  • Engineer & Computer Technologist
  • CEO, Ringtail Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Senior Managing Director (SMD) FTI Consulting Inc. (USA)
  • Senior roles in VC

James Brown, PhD


  • Engineer & Synthetic Biologist
  • MEng & PhD, University of Cambridge
  • Technical Consultancy & Engineering Development experience at Cambridge Consultants
  • Policy experience as Secretariat - UK Synthetic Biology Leadership Council

Cameron O'Brien


  • Chemist & CFA
  • Consulting experience at Economic & Financial Consulting Practice, FTI Consulting (UK)
  • Financial Planning and Data Analytics at UK FinTech Modulr Finance

Dominik Kopp, PhD

Senior Strain Engineer

  • Synthetic Biologist
  • PhD, Macquarie University
  • MSc at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität
  • Research Intern, FGEN

Artur Wlodarczyk, PhD

Senior Strain Engineer

  • Engineer & Synthetic Biologist
  • Research Fellow, Nanyang University
  • PhD, University of Copenhagen
  • MEng at Lodz Technical University