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Escalating population growth has continued to place pressure on world food supply. This has driven ever more intensive processes, at the same time as consumer awareness is focusing on more environmentally friendly pesticides and insecticides and more nutritious and better tasting produce.

Thanks to advanced bioengineering, it is now possible to fulfil many of these demands through biomanufacturing. Bondi Bio is a Solar Biomanufacturing business. We bioengineer photosynthetic cyanobacteria to produce high-value target compounds from light, CO2 and water. Our production methods can substantially reduce environmental impacts by requiring less arable land and water, to quickly and reliably produce alternative pesticides, fungicides and insecticides as well as providing an alternative source of feed additives and supplements to support high-quality and sustainable agriculture & aquaculture industries.

Bondi’s platform technology is designed to maximise our ability to utilize advanced bioengineering methods to create key compounds. Using a modular and structured design process, we optimise our base “chassis” strains to suit the requirements of your target compound.

With a focus on the broad and diverse compound classes of Terpenes and Carotenoids, Bondi has access to over 70,000 compounds including many expensive and difficult to source feed additives and supplements as well as exciting possibilities for a new generation of pesticides and insecticides.

Existing commercial Natural Products include:
Feed additives Astaxanthin
Canthaxanthin Retinol Food orange 7
Agriculture supplements Carvone Pyrethrin

Compared to petrochemically-derived synthetics, bioengineering allows the manufacture of stereospecific compounds for improved efficiency in these agriculture and aquaculture products.

Potential new compound markets

Beyond existing agriculture & aquaculture products, Terpenes offer a powerful alternative to traditional pesticides, fungicides and insecticides. While still a developing field, Terpenes have been demonstrated to act as natural herbivore defence in plants. With ongoing advances in this field and increased legal and consumer-driven limitations on the use of existing solutions, Bondi’s platform is ideally placed to facilitate commercial production of these compounds.

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