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Global ecosystems and our local environment are increasingly impacted by human activities. Waste streams from heavy industry, mining, textiles, food manufacture, agriculture, and urbanization are accelerating global habitat destruction and environmental degradation, endangering species and threatening mass extinction of all forms of life. The environmental, economic, health and societal impact for the World cannot be overstated.


Cyanobacteria are naturally robust to many of these toxic waste products and are often found thriving in these waste streams. Our bioengineering platform offers great potential to develop cyanobacterial strains capable of capturing, detoxifying and degrading these damaging contaminants currently poisoning our planet. Bondi’s engineered strains can bioremediate many toxic waste products including nitrates, phosphates, organics and heavy metals such as arsenic, copper, chromium and nickel, while simultaneously capturing carbon.

Agriculture & aquaculture


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Carbon capture & utilization

Carbon Capture & Utilization

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