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Bioprocess Engineer

Sydney NSW, Australia

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

We are seeking an outstanding candidate for the role of Bioprocess Engineer. As a highly-motivated individual, your role will focus on executing pilot-scale cultivation & associated downstream-processing of harvested biomass. You will specialise in production process development for solar biomanufacturing natural ingredients. Technical areas of responsibility span large-scale cultivation and downstream processing steps such as dewatering, drying, and extraction. You will tackle a range of challenges as an integral part of the new team, and demonstrate a high degree of flexibility, creativity, and initiative. You will be adaptable, work well collaboratively, and be able to thrive in an early-stage company.


  • Work closely with the CTO & other Bondi team-members to develop the company’s cultivation scale-up & downstream processing capabilities

  • Set-up/operate lab- & pilot-scale equipment for industrial processes; including pilot-scale photobioreactors, centrifuges, disruption, drying & extraction devices

  • Collection of experimental samples, perform data analysis & reporting

  • Monitor processes & identify deviations and/or opportunities for improvement

  • Apply knowledge of bioprocess development to refine & optimise ingredient production steps

  • Author documentation such as SWPs & testing protocols

  • Maintain accurate & detailed record of analyses

  • Work as part of a multidisciplinary engineering team to implement experimental plans & achieve project goals


  • BEng / BSc Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, or closely-related area in biotechnology

  • Candidate must have background working in a laboratory environment & be proficient in common laboratory techniques such as operating instrumentation, weighing, pipetting and solution/reagent preparation

  • Mechanical aptitude to operate laboratory equipment, inc. basic maintenance & calibration

  • Previous experience in cell-based processes such as microorganism cultivation or biomass processing significantly advantageous

  • Industrial experience in biotechnology & process development significantly advantageous

About the Company

Bondi is an organism engineering platform company. We design and produce bioidentical natural ingredients for a broad range of markets, from agriculture to the beauty industry.

We bioengineer cyanobacteria to deliver high-performing photosynthetic biofactories that fix carbon, do not require arable land and can be engineered to grow in fresh, sea or toxic water sources.

Operating on a B2B business model, our world class science team creates product ingredients that are cost-effective, natural, reliable, clean, sustainable and better for people and the planet.

Based in Sydney, Australia, we build on the powerful combination of Australia's academic environment and environmental factors to create the next generation of bioidentical natural compounds.

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