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Partner with Bondi to co-create natural, clean, sustainable, and high-value ingredients.

Our team will work with you to first Define, then Develop & ultimately Produce your target ingredients.


Our engineering team will work with you to define your problem space, consider your specific scenario, and build a design specification for a solution that meets your requirements. 
We consider a wide range of parameters including target ingredients, growth environment, CO2 & water sources, and end-use case.
We can provide engineering solutions suitable for industrial environments such as flue-gas & wastewater streams, or integrate with DAC devices. Along with your primary target compound, we can also discuss secondary targets to be produced simultaneously, such as protein, bioplastic or pigments to add additional value to the solar biomanufacturing process.


Having defined your design specification that addresses your problem space, we first prototype a proof-of-concept solution, before going through an extensive iterative strain development cycle, putting our high-throughput Cyanoworks™ platform to full-use, expanding & exploring the possible design space to repeatedly engineer and test improved-strains.


Ultimately, we aim to provide robust, designer, photosynthetic organisms that produce your target ingredients at scale at your desired manufacturing location

We are actively looking for partners for ingredient co-creation across all markets outlined in our Markets section
We hope you will consider working with us and our engineering team here at Bondi, to Define, Develop and Produce your target compounds.

Fragrance & cosmetics


Read about other markets we can assist with

Carbon capture & utilization

Carbon Capture & Utilization

Convert carbon streams in valuable ingredients



Learn about our sustainable production that actively benefit the environment



Learn more about our technology underpinning the world of solar biomanufacturing

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