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Bondi recognised in CSIRO’s CO2 Utilisation Roadmap

Bondi Bio

11 Aug 2021

Bondi is recognised for its biological conversion of CO2 in CSIRO’S CO2 Utilisation Roadmap.

Today marked the launch of CSIRO’s CO2 Utilisation Roadmap, featuring Bondi Bio. The report focused on carbon capture and utilization technologies able to decarbonise industries difficult to abate with renewable technologies alone and looks to be a roadmap for carbon capture and utilization in Australia.

The Roadmap identifies four opportunity areas for Australia to pursue: direct use of CO2, mineral carbonation, conversion of CO2 to create chemicals and fuels, and biological conversion. The Roadmap proposes key recommendations to support scale-up of CCU, requiring collaboration across Australian industry, government and the research community.

The Roadmap highlights the growing capabilities of Australian biological conversion companies, including Bondi Bio:

“Australia’s trusted regulatory environment supports the nation’s reputation as a safe and sustainable jurisdiction for emerging genetically modified products, which can enhance investor confidence and encourage domestic project development. While technologies used for bulk chemical and fuel products are more mature, niche and high value products present an opportunity for Australia to engage with an emerging industry that has significant growth potential.”

Commenting on the release, Bondi’s CEO, Eddie O’Brien, stated; “Solar biomanufacturing has an extraordinary potential to utilize carbon for the sustainable production of hundreds of high-value and important compounds and ingredients. It’s gratifying that CSIRO have recognised the potential of Bondi Bio’s carbon negative technology.”

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