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Bondi recognised in CSIRO’s National Synthetic Biology Roadmap

Bondi Bio

25 Aug 2021

Bondi is recognised as an innovative Australian Synthetic Biology start-up in CSIRO’s National Synthetic Biology Roadmap.

The recently released National Synthetic Biology Roadmap, published by CSIRO, identifies the value that synthetic biology can unlock for Australia and discusses how we can accelerate the demonstration, scaling and commercial success of its application.

The report identifies an opportunity for Australia to generate $27 billion in annual revenue and 44,000 jobs across sectors like health, agriculture, biosecurity and the environment to solve some of Australia’s greatest challenges. Bondi Bio is identified as one of a small but growing number of Australian synthetic biology engaged businesses.

Commenting on the release of the Roadmap, Bondi’s CTO, Dr James Brown said: “It is great that Australia is following the UK and USA in recognising the power and potential of Synthetic Biology. We hope this strategic national roadmap will act as a catalyst to important federal, state and commercial investments. Australia is well-placed to become a leader in this burgeoning field that can foster a new generation of bioengineering companies. This defining technology offers sustainable biomanufacturing that will transform our society, alter the way we interact with our environment, and allow us to sustainably provide goods and services across all economic sectors.”

The Roadmap follows closely the CO2 Utilisation Roadmap also published by CSIRO and identifies the powerful potential of Bondi’s technology.

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