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Monash University awarded grant for development for DAC technology

Bondi Bio

28 Nov 2023

As part of the Department of Education's Australia Economic Accelerator (AEA), Monash has been awarded a Seed Grant for the development of a Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology focused on carbon dioxide and water production from atmospheric air - DAC2Bio.

With support from The University of Queensland, Woodside Energy and Bondi Bio and $195,000 in seed funding through the AEA, the Monash team aims to scale up DAC2Bio units for adaptation by biomanufacturing. DAC2Bio intends to provide a dependable, consistent, and on-demand supply of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, assisting progress to net-zero.

Bondi congratulates the team at Monash and looks forward to working with them to support the progression of this exciting and important technology.

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