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Official launch for the MBCRC

Bondi Bio

29 Nov 2022

Bondi has joined with Senior Government officials, scientists, academics and international industry and research partners for the official launch of the Australian Marine Bioproducts Cooperative Research Centre.

The Marine Bioproducts Cooperative Research Centre (MBCRC) is a collaboration between Australian and International industry and academic organizations.

The MBCRC’s CEO, Dr Justin Coombs, described the MBCRC’s mission:

“We aim to make Australia a global player in marine biotechnology, an industry forecast to be worth more than $700 billion by 2035. High-value marine bioproducts including nutraceuticals, omega 3 oils, cosmetics, plant-based proteins, agrochemicals and biopolymers and bioplastics will serve this global market.”

Over the next 10 years, the MBCRC will deploy up to $270 million in cash and in-kind, including $59 million of Australian government funding to develop a more mature Australian marine production industry supporting collaborative work towards:

  • Establishing pathways from biomarine discovery to markets in health, nutrition, agriculture, aquaculture and biomaterials.

  • Creating and expanding sustainable marine bioresource production facilities.

  • The integration of marine science and biotechnology with industries in Australia and overseas.

  • Creating industry-ready graduates focused on taking discoveries out of the lab and into the economy.

Marine Bioproducts is Australia’s largest R&D hub dedicated to producing new and sustainable products from our marine environment. As a national research centre, headquartered in Adelaide, our aim is to make Australia a global player in marine biotech.

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