Plants have been used to treat ailments and disease, long before the active ingredients were identified or understood. Even today, many pharmaceuticals are still predominantly sourced from plants. However, this often limits the ability to scale production. Additionally, the pharmacological properties of many traditionally plant-derived natural products have been identified, but the development of these treatments has been compromised by supply challenges due to the small quantity in which these compounds are naturally available.

Thanks to advanced bioengineering, it is now possible to access commercially required quantities through biomanufacturing. Bondi Bio is a Solar Biomanufacturing business. We bioengineer photosynthetic cyanobacteria to produce high-value target compounds from light, CO2 and water. This allows the production of high-quality traditionally plant-derived pharmaceutical products in a controlled environment.

Bondi’s platform technology is designed to maximise our ability to utilize advanced bioengineering methods to create key compounds. Using a modular and structured design process, we optimise our base “chassis” strains to suit the requirements of your target compound.

With a focus on the broad and diverse compound classes of Terpenes and Carotenoids, Bondi has access to over 70,000 compounds including many expensive and difficult to source pharmaceuticals.

Existing commercial Natural Products include:

Compared to petrochemically-derived synthetics, bioengineering allows the manufacture of stereospecific compounds required for high-quality pharmaceuticals compounds.

Potential new compound markets

Alongside existing pharmaceuticals, Bondi’s platform allows the testing and production of plant-derived compounds which have previously been difficult to produce in sufficient quantities to be pharmacologically evaluated or have been ruled commercially inviable due to limitations or cost of supply.

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