Our Solar Biomanufacturing Platform

Since 1970 the world’s population has almost doubled. Simultaneously, falling levels of global poverty have provided the planet’s population with more disposable income. The combination of these factors has driven increased consumer demand placing greater pressure on global resources. This commercial demand cannot be met by petrochemicals or traditional agriculture alone.

Fortunately, there is a solution that doesn’t compromise the way we live or further degrade our environment. By engineering biology we can combine nature’s solutions to bioengineer reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions to our societal demands. Bondi Bio is a Solar Biomanufacturing business. We bioengineer photosynthetic cyanobacteria to produce high-value target compounds from light, CO2 and water

Our Approach

Science has revealed many of our planet’s genetic secrets. Coupled with the huge advances in the writing and manipulation of DNA, it is now possible to use the power of millions of years of evolutionary optimisation to integrate production pathways from threatened species, or where the production levels are limited, to manufacture them in fast-growing and target-optimised cyanobacteria biofactories.

Our proprietary cyanobacteria strains build on the inherent benefits of cyanobacteria to produce Natural Products using biofactories that deliver:

  • high growth-rate and photosynthetic efficiency relative to other photosynthetic platforms.
  • global production with elevated robustness allowing them to cope and thrive in most conditions.
  • existing metabolic pathways producing key terpene precursors, e.g. methylerythritol 4-phosphate (MEP) pathway.
  • genetic tractability, allowing relatively straightforward genetic manipulation.
  • native thylakoid membranes, providing the perfect environment to express complex plant proteins, e.g. the cytochrome P450 family of enzymes that represents an attractive Synthetic Biology platform for terpene biosynthesis.
Bondi's prototype lifecycle


At Bondi, we work closely with you to define the problem space you have and build a design specification that meets your requirements. We consider your specific scenario and use that to determine the most appropriate solution for you. We take into account a wide range of parameters including target compound, growth environment, scale, use-case, extraction process and many more. We then generate a design that is the most appropriate solution for your specific circumstances and define a strategy and accompanying Statement-of-Work for the next phases of the process.


Having defined our design specification that addresses your problem space, we first prototype a Proof-of-concept solution, before going through an iterative strain development cycle, where we repeatedly Engineer and Test improved strains:


We use our in-house design tools, libraries of genetic parts, and our proprietary high-throughput construction techniques to integrate our DNA designs into our optimised strains at a rate never before seen in cyanobacteria. This allows us to rapidly prototype a large number of variants, using a range of strategies, and to iteratively develop these for performance in our “Test” cycle.


At Bondi, we utilize the latest advanced technology to analyse the performance of our cyanobacteria designs; detailed biochemical characterisation is aided by transcriptomic-, proteomic- and metabolomic-studies. The results of this analysis are then fed back into our computational models and drive future design decisions for continued iterations of strain engineering, until we reach the specifications agreed in the Statement-of-Work.


Our optimized strains are production platform agnostic allowing you to use the best available solution for your circumstances. Our strains can be engineered for batch or continuous production with both intracellular and extracellular compound accumulation possible. We envisage the use of closed-system flat-panel photobioreactors and can suggest appropriate suppliers but will design to your circumstances, and can assist you every step of the way to your final target compound.